Holding up through trying times

What takes up my time when I’m not chained to my desk, and helps keep me sane(ish) through these days of social distancing?

The reality is, some days are harder than others. Some days, this “new normal” existence is an inconvenience I can almost, almost ignore. And some days it’s heavy. There are still days when it’s so surreal that I feel like maybe it’s a bad dream I’m having. But here we all are – having it together.

I mean, I guess that’s something, right? We are in this together – everyone, everywhere.

Still and all, we find ways of coping. Here are some of mine.

Checking in

I talk to my Sanity Buddy and my folks pretty much every day. I’m not much for chatting IRL but it’s still good to check in and be checked on.

Virtually moving

I’ve been bumping up my movement / steps goal anyway, but even more so as I’ve gotten involved with some virtual challenges. That some of these offer a Google Street View of the routes (to make it connect to my love of travel) is an extra bonus.

  • The Conqueror events: LEJOG (virtual cross-UK challenge) – and probably moving on to their Cabot Trail challenge next…
  • My Virtual Mission: solo mission around the Pacific Northwest USA
  • My Virtual Mission: solo mission Africa Loop

Culinary travels

In the absence of actual travel opportunities I’ve also scratched that itch by cooking dishes that remind me of places I’ve been, or that help bring my virtual trips to life.

Among them were:

And I’m giving serious thought to trying to find a good Guinness stew recipe to relive a bit of Ireland. Good grief, could I do with an Irish Coffee now that I think of it. But, no, I will not be going anywhere near mushy peas.

Of course I’ve also dipped into recipes that are staples and comfort foods like fried chicken and beef stew.

Listening and Learning

I’m listening to a lot more podcasts on a broader range of topics. These include: Freakonomics, Code Switch, Rough Translation, Throughline, Short Wave, Planet Money and The Indicator, Unobscured, American History Tellers, This American Life, RadioLab, Stuff You Should Know, People I (Mostly) Admire, and Behind the Bastards (note this last one is not office-friendly)

I listen to Up First, The Rachel Maddow Show, and Stay Tuned with Preet.

Purely for entertainment I’m also listening to The Way I Heard It, Imagined Life, Noble Blood, Buffering the Vampire Slayer, Angel on Top, Star Trek The Next Conversation, Levar Burton Reads, and Phoebe Reads a Mystery.

Keeping myself grounded

Scripture and prayer are important in my life. I start my mornings every day in scripture – it starts me grounded in truth, and reminds me Who is in control no matter what may come in the day.

It reminds me to be thankful for all I have been given, from daily provision to family and friends.

And it gives me a softer heart to remember those who may not have the same blessings, or may not be in a mental or spiritual place to recognize their blessings. Or maybe are struggling to find ways to keep their spirits up when so much else has been a challenge.

May He meet you where you are, and lift you up in His perfect love, and provide for you out of His boundless riches of grace.

7 thoughts on “Holding up through trying times”

  1. Holy moly, how many podcasts you have. Without adding too many more, I suggest “Political Gabfest,” which was required by my FDU current events professor, and which I have enjoyed over the past two years. It is extremely informative and entertaining.


  2. Hang on sweetie. i know you will. We will get through this together. Your daily posts are an inspiration for all of us. Keep on keeping on.


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