experiments in cooking, flotsam

Scent memory

What began as novel and adventurous scents as I prepared for a new meal gave way to less pleasant memories of shared laundry rooms, as the smells lingered after cooking.

But between a thorough cleaning (and re-cleaning), and laundering, and Febreeze, that began to fade.

I finally dispelled that set of odors fully by making hot apple cider.

Apple cider and apple juice, cinnamon and cloves, with a splash of lemon juice to brighten up flavors after heating.

These are homey, happy smells. Autumn, winter. Holidays. Joy.

Warmth and deliciousness.

And when I drained off the cloves later and ground them, they released their scent into the room – another sensory glow washed over.

It’s funny how scent wakes up memory.