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The scent of travel

Inspired by my virtual (mis)adventure, new dishes are being tried.

As a start, I’m trying this recipe for Moroccan Chicken with Olives and Preserved Lemons.

That meant trying some new things. New seasonings. New flavors.

Just in the preparation of the marinade, my house already smelled vaguely unfamiliar – in a pleasant and adventurous way.

Only cinnamon was already in my cabinet. Also if this works out I’ll probably preserve my own lemons in future as that seems to be long but not difficult

I will say that I was unprepared for the fact that turmeric would make a delightful yellow dye.

I fully expect some of my pans might need special treatment or even end up permanently more yellow than they started.

Such is life. Tomorrow I’ll know the outcomes.

Stay tuned!

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