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Solo mission impossible: Falling farther behind

I’m finding it amusing to watch myself fall farther (and farther) behind pace every day.

Like, I’m now 2.25% of the way around the Africa loop.

That’s also 202 miles behind the pace marker. While I’m not biking, there isn’t even the smallest chance I’m going to close the gap.

Current position vs pace marker. By now the pace marker is in West Sahara. I am not.
Now possible to see the gap between my placement and the pace marker, even at full view.

Giggles 🤭

Sometimes you have to find the humor where you can.

I know I could just quit, but I’m not going to.

On the contrary … I’m taking the opportunity to read about the countries I (virtually) pass through. (So far that’s just Morocco.)

And maybe I should look up some good Moroccan recipes. Suggestions are welcome!

As long as I’m going to be here for quite a while to come, I may as well enjoy it.

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