6:15 (alarm next to the bed)

Turned off without a conscious thought or decision.

6:45 (alarm in the next room)

Staggered in, turned off, and scooped up, back to bed.

That’s not a good sign. The next thing should be, teeth brushed, workout clothes on, workout achieved.

In this case: None of the above.

From bed, my now-focused eyes do the stuff that should have happened at 6:15. Scripture, Duolingo, and an Up First podcast recaps the news.

Then, because I still don’t want to be up yet, Rosetta Stone.

Because I scooped up the office phone, work emails are checked, still from bed.

Because I don’t want to get up, it’s yet another day where my morning workout will have to be made up for in the evening workout.


I’m not setting myself up for success here.

Maybe it’s the end of daylight savings. Maybe it’s being low-grade depressed because we’re still in a flail of COVID-19 non-management as the fall closes in. Maybe it’s the election and the simmering worry that my vote will be allowed to not count.

Maybe it’s Halloween.


Morning: rather be examining the inside of my eyelids

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