IRL: Changing seasons, shifting sands

The weekend was cool and crisp but sunny and dry, so I broke out the bin where I store the covers for the patio furnitures for the summer, and all the hanging solar light accoutrements in the winter, and began the transition.

So I can now report that the top of my deck, near the house, looks like it’s been cocooned.

The lower part of my deck, where all the furniture folds for the season and goes into the shed, looks pretty bare.

The pond is netted over to keep out leaves (Dad helped me with that the weekend before.)

So there’s really just a handful of the spiked solar lights I’ll need to pull up and store away. Not yet though. It’s already so lonely out there.

(Ants notwithstanding… apparently there’s a nest somewhere in the shed. Sigh.)

All this busy-ness helps keep my mind occupied, when one of my best friends has a positive COVID-19 test.

Positive is not good.

She attributes the fact that she hasn’t (praise God) had severe respiratory issues (so far, and please, God) to how faithfully she masks up. It’s not attacking her lungs, or not so far.

Her eyes have that pink-rimmed irritation – maybe a face shield was also needed for one of her exchanges, or maybe she rubbed her eyes at some point though she’s good about washing her hands also.

She describes a brain fog, not able to concentrate or think of words at times.

And she’s tired. Like mono tired. Like, sleep for 12 hours and then get exhausted like she’s climbed a mountain, from just doing the usual morning things, bio break, toothbrushing, etc.

(The 17 year old at my colleague’s school who got COVID was first suspected as “just” having mono, so apparently that description is not uncommon.)

As for my friend – she’s upbeat, as she is inclined, and is taking care of herself.

Social distancing has now given way to actual quarantine.

We talk, and it’s good to hear her voice. It always was, of course, but you know… it makes you think about it more.

I need to keep busy again because I’m thinking too much.

And I need some quiet time, to put all these thoughts elsewhere. He knows.

I hope you are taking all steps to stay safe, dear ones. It is quackery, not science, that suggests we’ll get to herd immunity without a vaccine (and maybe not even then, depending).

Wear your mask, wash your hands, protect the people you love.

Wash well. Soap, hot water, 20+ seconds

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  1. Oh, my. This virus is so scary. I pray for your friend to recover from this insidious virus and for your and all of our well being.


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