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Culinary travels – Greece

It all started because I made tzatziki. Maybe even too much tzatziki. If there is such a thing.

So it turned into a whole Greek feast.


Gyros and souvlaki and spanikopita and Greek salad and all the fixings and with-it’s.

Just as well that I didn’t make baklava – we were too full for any more food!

What will I be having for lunches for the foreseeable future?

Culinary memories of Greece, that’s what.

And it’s delicious.

3 thoughts on “Culinary travels – Greece”

  1. If it’s Mediterranean, I love it. I remember a Mediterranean holiday lunch a few years back and it was wonderful.


  2. It all started by making tzatziki !… lol !… xaxaxaxa …

    Liked and Shared, dear ! Thank you ! Enjoy !


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