Not my holiday

Halloween is coming. My neighbors three doors down decorated at the beginning of the month, to the nth degree. Not in a creepy horrific way – thank God. Just … it’s lit up like Christmas, but Halloween. Very festive.

Halloween IS my neighbors’ holiday.

More power to them, they’re happy and not hurting anyone. I can get behind it.

The decor that’s terrifying, I’m not up for. If that’s your thing, how’s about keeping that out back or indoors?

I know some people like to be scared, but as far as I’m concerned, life is scary enough, thanks.

I generally don’t watch TV at this time of year because the commercials are invariably for horror movies.

I listen to comedy on Pandora and they keep throwing Netflix commercials for horror on there and just NO.

I’m not the audience for that. I’m never going to be the audience for that.



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