295 and other milestones

Every day I’ve been crossing the items off the list. I read my scripture. I get my steps. I do my Duolingo and Rosetta Stone (still both Frenching it up). I floss my teeth. I get the things done.

But I don’t always do them with joy and excitement.

Sometimes I get up and read my scripture and put on my workout clothes (I basically live in workout clothes now) but when I go down to get my pre-work workout, I don’t wanna.

Some days if I didn’t have that list staring at me (and if I wasn’t a person who gets satisfaction from crossing things off a list), I don’t know that I would get the things done at all. It would be easy to just… meh the whole thing.

So here’s me celebrating little milestones…

Today is post #295 for the year. Which means if you are reading this you have survived to see 295 days of 2020. Yay you, praise be to God, and sorry for all the flotsam…

That also means that now I’m just a few days over a 1215 day streak on Duolingo.

I’ll have walked (or more accurately stepped) over 1600 miles so far this year.

And just because it’s nice to remember a time when other milestones were possible… this year I visited three new countries for the first time (Malta, France & Spain). All in January of course. In the before-time. Nice to remember.

Nice to recall also that I’ve accomplished other things while I couldn’t zip off to another corner of the world.

I hope you’re celebrating victories – big and small – too!