Important mail arrives

My ballot came, right on time, as requested.

I had it filled out, checked twice for accuracy, and sealed up for return the same day.

“Return” entailed a drop off at the board of elections box. USPS is a wonderful service but we’ve all heard about the issues that were baked into this mess. To be avoided.

They’ve confirmed receipt. So now I’ll monitor status online, to make sure when it’s scanned, and whether it’s accepted (counted) or rejected — and if rejected for any reason, find how I make sure I’m put back on the list to be able to vote in person instead.

I don’t want to have to vote in person during a pandemic, and if all goes well I won’t need to – but I took that day off in case I have to, and have long lines or other delays to contend with.

This is America. I expect my vote to be counted… and to count.