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Good news and bad news

The very very exciting news is that by the time this posts, TheConqueror.events will have released a brand new adventure. Cabot Trail, in the Cape Breton Highlands of Nova Scotia.

You guys, I have been there and it’s stunning.

Autumn 2008

S has not been there and we had literally been discussing that as a place she’d really like to go, just days before they announced its impending release!

Also they’ve released one for Iceland’s Ring Road! So exciting!!

So what could possibly be the downside?

I’ve estimated out my daily miles and I won’t have the equivalent of the mileage I need to cover our current adventure, across the UK, until next year.

Unless I pull forward early-in-the-year distances that haven’t gone toward any other adventure yet. I suppose that is possible.

Or I could try not to be such a rule follower. But can a leopard change its spots?

Should it?