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As I mentioned, S gave me an entry to the Baltimore Festival of Running virtual marathon, for my birthday.

I didn’t have to finish it in one day.

But I did.

It took me 11:18:02 to finish it in the basement — walking, marching and running while I watched most of Season 2 of Once Upon A Time.

Online badge

Obviously I was way more focused while doing this one vs the Dragonfly half-marathon, since that one took me almost as long.

When my medal comes by mail, I will post a pic!

In the meantime, lots of people are doing the virtual marathon piecemeal over the month. So much so that they’ve created all kinds of badges and such for time spent, number of days of engagement, multiple “races” (or race equivalents) run, etc.

So S started putting in my daily mileage into the system after I had out this in the “done” column. Based on that, I might well end up with a second marathon under my belt.

Um, yeah. It’s entirely possible I’ll actually walk another marathon, just to say I did. I’ve done crazier things.

#FitnessIsFun #SanityBuddies #InsanityBuddies

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