As soon as the work day was over, I masked up, threw on shoes, remembered keys (woot, another disaster averted), grabbed the recycling to go out, and began the trek to mom and dad’s.

It was 71 degrees (F). Way down from 81 last week. The 81 was no humidity though, and was therefore pleasant. The 71 was with almost 100% humidity. Bleah!

So by the time I pulled up to the folks’ place, I was already a bit sticky.

Then I pedaled for 30 minutes (7.9 miles), by the end of which I was, um, glowing a bit.

Then I waved goodbye to the folks, and started to walk back home.

I wasn’t very far before I noticed that actually, between the spinning and the walking, my shirt was pretty damp.

But I got about that far again and it seemed like it wasn’t just thick humidity in the air anymore. Now there was a bit of a sprinkle.

And a bit farther, and it was actually turning into a sun shower.

I wasn’t worried, I don’t melt. And the sun was shining ahead of me.

When I looked behind me though, I could see the dark ominous cloud that was the source. It was not promising.

Sure enough, pretty soon I was walking in big fat rain.

A bit drippy, me.

But then (beep beep) Dad pulled up behind me. He must have jumped up from dinner for this wholly unnecessary (but very kind) rescue operation.

And a few minutes later I was back in my place, realizing the extent of my soaking.

Straight to a hot shower, whereupon I was the wettest I’d been through this whole adventure.

And also the happiest. So there’s that.