Fitness and Other Temporary Obsessions


I’ve been spinning my wheels.

Roughly every other day.

For 30 minutes.

That seems to be the schedule that doesn’t break my knee.

30 minutes, 7.5 miles, not enough to make my virtual run around Africa possible within the 3 year window.

(If I do 7.5 miles on top of the 5-6 I walk, that puts me just 3 miles farther behind pace for my virtual trek around Africa. Versus falling behind by 10+ miles a day.)

Update: two days after that, I was able to do 7.9 miles in 30 minutes. (So maybe eventually I’ll pick up those extra miles on biking days. Though somehow I doubt it will ever be enough to make up for non-biking days.)

2 thoughts on “Spinning”

  1. OMG, you are just too awesome. You haven’t missed a day since the pandemic began. Your steadfastness is inspiring. I am in awe. But mostly, I am just thankful to have such a friend.


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