@myvmission / @TheConqueror, Fitness and Other Temporary Obsessions, there is something wrong with me


So, my folks have a stationary bike — have had, for years. It hasn’t been used in years; at least not since they moved down here. I know this is true because they had it still packaged up in the wrappings for moving.

So I recently inquired whether they still have it (yes), still use it (not recently, obviously), and so on. In response, I think they’d be moving it into my basement right now, and emptying the space it’s in at their place – but for the fact it’s ginormous and I genuinely don’t have space for it at my place, without reworking a whole lot of stuff.

But Dad did unpack it and check that it’s working, and then said I can come use it any time I want.

A stationary bike is the only kind of bike I can do. It’s harder to fall off, tear clothes and scrape knees, on a stationary bike. (Ok yeah so that’s less “biking” than “spinning” but whatever.)

Anyway, I’m so active now, I’m sure I can…

Pause to catch my breath.


On day 1, I could do 5.5 miles in just about 21 minutes. It was harder work than I expected. Not helped by a mask, because indoors at my folks’ house.

But it was exercise, and a good change of pace.

And since I got the same distance all day by counting steps, in those 21 minutes, it might bring my Africa virtual challenge into the realm of possibility, maybe?

On day 2, I did a solid 30 minutes, which was 7.8 miles.

(When I added that to my daily steps, I had only fallen 3 miles farther behind goal for Africa than I had been the day before. Huh. Well I did say it was going to be impossible.)

Also after 30 minutes of biking my right knee is really mad at me and my legs don’t remember what walking is.

I might have to do this less often. Or work myself up to distances. Or something.