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In which I pause one set of virtual walks to do another

I saw a virtual race to support The Dragonfly and their work to fight pediatric cancer. And since cancer is evil (and evil is cancer) I was more than happy to dedicate a day’s steps (a very advanced, above-average day’s steps) to this purpose.

Of course I could have done it as a 10k (closer to a usual day for me) rather than a half-marathon. The money was the support, when it comes to it. But a goal should come with a bit of challenge, and it was good to put my time, effort and energy into something that was for a purpose.

Mine came yesterday (IRL). It’s beautiful and I have it in my front bay window

So since I woke up crazy early anyway, I got up and went. (Well, it would be more accurate to say I got up and got going. Pandemic… I get my steps inside.)

And I wasn’t as strict about never sitting as when I did the 100000-steps day. There was sitting. Just never for terribly long. Because goals.

But for all that, I walked the half marathon. My remaining steps for the day can go toward my other challenges.

Meanwhile I had this time to pause and pray … for treatments, for cures, for comfort … for families.

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