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Stuff that I wanna do @myvmission

Ok. So by now you’re all probably completely tired of hearing about how much I LOVE TheConqueror events and MyVirtualMission.

I know you are, but yes I do, and that’s just how it goes.

Their missions are fun and I hope to do them all. All! Someday

Plus I hope to create more Solo missions. I love creating a route to try and challenge myself.

Here’s what else I wish was available (and who knows, maybe someday will be, you never know)…

  • I wish I could create a mission and start it in the future. (Right now it starts the day I save it. But I have ideas now I’d like to run later.)
  • I wish it was possible to change the route map in the middle (assuming not altering already-run sections, not just by backing up or adding to the ending point. Sometimes I realize I wanna go somewhere extra, along the way!
  • I wish it was possible to re-run a previously run or already created route/mission. (This would be cool for separate running and biking challenges using an identical route.) Okay no, I’m not going to bike anything, but somebody might.
  • I wish it was possible to enter specific addresses into the mission map if there’s an actual place I want to start from or run to. (Like: I would make a “run” that connects a Team’s addresses or some such, so that we virtually ‘visit’ each other, if that was possible, vs trying to click somewhere “close” and hope it’s right.)
  • Actually, what would solve a lot of these wants…I wish it was possible to create a map on Google Maps, then take that URL and import it straight to a mission. That would allow for a lot more tinkering to specific locations on the route, as well as ability to save the URL to use when I’m ready, or use over and over.
  • I wish I could set a mission for longer periods than the maximum currently available (more on that, another day) ūüėé
  • And finally, I wish I could add my own milestone/postcard triggers (as a Premium feature, of course), so that if I’m creating a route I can send myself a virtual reward at different points along the way.
Medal from the last challenge I completed ‚Äď so fun!

I’m full of wishes, it seems. But mostly I’m just having a ton of fun with My Virtual Mission and TheConqueror events. And for all I have hopes and wishes, they are not outweighed by my excitement for new and upcoming missions. ūüėĄ

(And again – no these are not sponsors of my blog. I’m just a fan. In the truly fanatical sense, apparently, lol)