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Rule follower

In early August, S and I did the Inca Trail Marathon from TheConqueror* and that worked out so well we ran the Ring of Kerry together next.

We ran them as a team and shared the miles. It was more fun together. We got our medals for completing.

But I didn’t really consider either one ‘complete’ – for myself – until I did the miles. (Which of course, I did.)

Now I’m “running” (okay, stepping) the length of UK challenge (also by TheConqueror*) with a bunch of dear ladies but I set up a solo mission, of close to the same mileage, so that I’ll know when I finished logging the miles myself. Current estimate, it will take me about 200 days total.** It will take the group of us working together considerably less than that, as we quickly approach the 20% mark (and the trees planted by TheConqueror* on each of our behalf for that accomplishment).

Meanwhile S has been running her own virtual races, starting before she discovered TheConqueror* challenges. So she’s been earning various medals – for groups of 5Ks virtually run or cumulative distances, etc.

She sent me two of them. One, as I mentioned before, was for my single-day 19 mile (45000 step) day.

And more recently she sent another for getting 100 miles over the summer.

And rule-follower that I am, I needed to check to see if I’d earned that. I don’t want a medal I didn’t actually earn.

My crazy long steps days (45000+ and 100000+) were both in May. That doesn’t count. Plus I already have a medal for one of those, as I said.

And the distances in August started going toward TheConqueror* challenges. So I can’t “double dip” those.

But guess what? Little by little, miles add up. In June and July my FitBit says I walked, stepped or danced more than 300 miles.

Even being a stickler for “summer” not starting until June 21 (did I mention, rule follower?), I’m free and clear more than twice what I would have needed to earn that last medal.


* I don’t have sponsors for this blog and although it’s hard to believe by how much I talk about it, we are not sponsored by My Virtual Mission or TheConqueror. But you can save 10% off any Conqueror challenge, if you want to try one, when you use this link. Enjoy!

** I later realized that by ending at Crater Lake I’d miss the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge so I added a few hundred more miles to continue on as I did on my original trip. Which means it’s going to take me more like 250 days to finish.