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Solo mission NW: Virtually veering off

Most of my solo walking mission is, as I mentioned, based on an actual driving trip I made a few years back.

Most, but not all.

For instance, when I made my real-life driving adventure, had stayed a pleasant night in Seattle and had a day tour of that city, then spent the rest of the day driving up to and around the North Cascades.

That’s where I started my virtual tour recently.

From there, on my drive, I had headed east, staying a night and then taking the passenger ferry to the San Juan islands. I had a simply delightful day there, though it was the Labor Day holiday and much was closed in town.

In the small hours of the next morning I drove down, avoiding all the commuter ferries on my route – a passenger ferry was one thing but I was pretty confident I’d be a disaster on the car ferries – plus I wanted to see Mt Rainier – which meant swinging out around Seattle before cutting back east to Olympic. That made 3 national parks, even before I made my way to the coast.

But for this virtual journey, I’m altering that route. Since I’m not driving them, I am not actively avoiding commuter ferries as I did then – but this time I’m not popping across to the San Juan islands. And I’m skipping Seattle, beautiful as it is, as well as Mt. Rainier. Instead I’m cutting through the Sound to Port Townsend and curving my way around Olympic National Park.

From there I’ll be back on my original route again for quite some time.

Puget Sound in Sep 2016

More virtual ‘postcards’ to follow as I retrace my steps!

This section of the course. Should take me an age.