Tornado warning

We don’t see a lot of tornadoes in this neck of the woods. Which is good.

But the other evening, while I was frantically trying to finish up something due that night at work, a thunderstorm rolled in that made me worry I’d lose power before I could finish.

And then the tornado warning came through, advising everyone in the area to head to basements, to secure windowless rooms, or absent those choices to generally seek shelter.

This. Is. Not. Good. News.

The sky looked terrifying and the wind howled and that convinced me that maybe I couldn’t or at least shouldn’t finish up the work thing before seeking shelter.

That I’m posting about it gives away the ending. We were fine. It touched down farther east of here, and then headed south and west of us.

God help those in its path. A tornado is not to be messed with.

But I finished my work from the basement until the warming was lifted here.

So far so good… stay safe y’all.

Happy birthday to D’s mom

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  1. My closest brush with a tornado came when I was 10 years old and at summer camp in rural Ohio. We were all roused from our cabins in the middle of the night when a tornado warning was issued, then escorted to a shelter beneath the swimming pool. Fortunately, the funnel cloud passed overhead but never touched down. Definitely not something to mess with!

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