experiments in cooking

Success and failure

So I pulled out my very old recipe for sweet and sour chicken, swapped out the minute rice for brown rice, and served it to my folks for dinner one night.

Outdoor dining, of course. Because COVID.

And it was good. Better than I remembered even. Kitchen success!

But it left me with plain brown rice and crushed pineapple as leftovers.

So I mixed that together with some soy sauce and it was…

Not as good by a long shot.

Not bad, mind you. Just… it needed something. Like chicken and peppers and carrots and garlic and brown sugar and vinegar and ginger.

So… it needed literally everything else.

Oh well. It was fine for what it was. And it was very easy, anyway.

That’s something, right?

Yes it’s something… It’s a kitchen failure. Lol.

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