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New solo mission – Pacific NW

That picture is from when I visited North Cascades back in September 2016.

It’s beautiful country up there. I drove various parts of Washington Oregon and Northern California on that trip.

And now I’m doing a virtual run along a part of the same route, alongside my team’s virtual run across Britain. Basically I plan to cover the same distance (a little farther actually) solo. So when I finish my personal mission, I’ll know I’ve actually covered the distance of the group mission.

Wanna go for a run? A walk? A hop, skip, jump?

Because, you know… Staying active is good for the body and the mind.

I hope you’re taking care too!

7 thoughts on “New solo mission – Pacific NW”

  1. When I was a youngster in high school and thinking about colleges, one of the few places that really attracted me was the University of Oregon. It sounded so green and lush and fresh. I often wonder what things would have turned out to be had I gone there. Of course, the guide I was reading was entitled, “The Underground Guide to the College of Your Choice,” published in 1971.


  2. PS — just checked up on “The Underground Guide to the College of Your Choice” on Amazon. It must be a collector’s item — it is selling for $121.00. A classic!


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