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Kick off day – Length of UK mission

Today a small group of virtual friends is starting our virtual run. I got the group entry/join codes and set up a team code so that our miles work cumulatively on the mission (we’re not racing each other, we’re working together to accomplish the trek from Land’s End to John O’Groats).

I’m happy and excited and hope that everyone has a good time exploring the map and some encouragement to move more (which most of us intend to do but sometimes find challenging).

It makes me want to run a mission with my old friends in NJ. With the gang from Asia. With some of my friends here.

Well, we’ll see. Time will tell. This will be a good test.

Off we go!

Also: it’s September 1 so…

Happy birthday, Al! 🎂

Happy birthday, Greg C! 🎂

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