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Solo mission

I had set up my own custom mission, from (roughly) home to (roughly) NYC. I didn’t make a fancy route to get off the highway or anything. Just popped in any old route, to do the miles, and try out the site to see what I thought.

The free solo mission at MyVirtualMission.com (not a sponsor of this blog, for the record) was for up to 30 days. At the 20 day mark I realized I might just make it.

I also realized my latest mile entry put me on the highway right near where I used to live, and where several of my dearest friends still do.

Map: Edison NJ and environs

I miss you guys! So much!!

Update: I subsequently finished the challenge. A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “Solo mission”

  1. You doing this all mileage inside the home, correct? How the heck do you do that? I struggle to get 10,000 steps outside on a good day.


    1. Yes virtually all indoors. (And no, no treadmill either). I have a WiiU Fit downstairs so I use that for some of my workouts (including runs), or I walk/run while watching movies, or I throw on some cheesy fun pop music and throw a dance party. Steps are steps! 😎


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