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S and I are having so much fun “virtually” traveling while we count our steps, that we’ve cooked up a plan to get a whole gang of our girlfriends to join us on a mission.

I had thought about doing one with the Asia gang, actually. Still maybe will, one day.

But S and I have a group of ladies in our lives that are dear and special and that we miss very much, and how fun would it be to encourage each other and “travel” a route together?

We are getting all the pieces in place.

We’ve got the codes.

We’re making sure everyone’s step tracker is in order.

We’ll kick it off in just a few days…



Btw if you’ve been inspired to give this a try too, use my link to TheConqueror site to save 10% (and – full disclosure – give me a little referrer credit toward my next purchase too… because I will almost surely be doing more of these.)

Happy running!

5 thoughts on “Plotting”

  1. Unbelievable, reading your posts about how many miles you’ve logged. But that pales by comparison to the determination and discipline you’ve demonstrated in exceeding your daily stepping goals. Every. Single. Day. Not to mention, never missing a WordPress post to brighten up our days. Every. Single. Day. What an amazing person you are.


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