flotsam, there is something wrong with me

Early to bed

Too early perhaps.

Or disturbed by an incoming work thing. Time zones, bah. (My work phone no longer rests beside me at night, for exactly this reason.)

Or just unsettled, Mad Men-inspired dreams. (I’m rewatching them all during my workouts of late.)

But in any case, my early to bed resulted in early to rise.

Like, way too early.

Like, it’s actually late, not early.

Still. The. Same. Day.


So the next step is to try that again, I guess. Wish me luck – and sleep.

Still not my room

1 thought on “Early to bed”

  1. It’s not Don Draper. It’s that guy with the sniffles in your old office. Give him the good old one-two punch — a karate chop — anything to shoo him away!


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