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Trial run(s)

My friend S will run for bling (she may even have a shirt that says so) so she’s joined any number of virtual running challenges with medal prizes.

I am not mocking. I cannot mock. Earlier this year I chased daily steps for a prize that amounted to pixels:

She’s also introduced me to a couple of virtual challenges. Based on her experience, I’ve been trying My Virtual Mission to see if that’s something I want to continue with. As a test I’m (digitally) running from Baltimore to New York.

Plus we signed up to run the Inca Trail as a team. That took just a couple of days, what with combining our daily miles.

Meanwhile, S took advantage of the 90 day trial for Fitbit Premium, so we could try out their new challenges. Like, Get Fit Bingo:

This was fun, but more competitive than she intended. And I’m like, I wonder if my nieces would play this with me?

S had hoped it was like, here’s a board of activities and you need to make the pattern, so work together to divide and conquer it.

Nope, it’s Bingo. But you have to work out to check off spaces on your card. Plus there’s bonus spaces to help make leaps ahead.

It’s fun, and I’m enjoying it a lot, for what it is – but it’s not what she was hoping for.

So we tried All for One instead:

In this one, our daily steps will add together to reach a goal. Which is great … but it still has separate individual goals. If I overdo my goals, beyond that it doesn’t move us any closer to completing the challenge together.

Not the win we hoped for.

So we’ll keep poking around for other things to keep us motivated to move.

More Bingo. More virtual runs. More ways to keep on keeping on.

How are you keeping yourself moving? Or just… sane?

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