creation bears His fingerprints, flotsam


Well, I’m kind of giving away the current time lag I’m on (give or take a day) by telling you that Tropical Storm Isaias is bearing down on us.

We won’t get the worst of it here, most likely. That said, my phones all blew up with Flash Flood warnings, because the only thing better than a flash flood warning is a minor heart attack from the phones all going off at once, while there’s a flash flood warning.

(They weren’t wrong. It rained hard and fast and a bit alarming for a while there. I pray for safety and protection for all in its path.)

But before it got crazy, it was just … soggy out. Everything was soaked and sodden.

And it reminded me of traipsing through Disney World with my sister and brother, while Albert rained upon us, all of us in plastic parkas, and me with leaking sneakers and the associated squelch of wet socks.

Good times, that.

Stay dry out there, folks. Or better yet, stay in and dry.


Not everyone was unscathed. My team got it bad. Out on Long Island the power was knocked out for 2 5 7 days.

(And all those crossed out numbers are only partly due to the severity of the storm, and partly due to the gross incompetence of the local power company, who clearly used none of the funds from NY post-Sandy to make any of the infrastructure enhancements they said they needed to and would.)