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Poorly planned

Flush mounted globe lights are fine enough I suppose, on a low ceiling.

Not so much over a staircase though.

I use long life bulbs for this reason.

They are not long- enough lived.

It’s waaaay up there… Hovering in space, in the middle of the stairway.

The better to kill me in the process.

Even a ladder won’t really help because of the position and the stairs.

Plus vertigo.

I’m never going to get up there.

I’m sure I’ll find someone who doesn’t get the spinning dizzies at heights to help me. But even so, this is just… the poorest of planning on the prior owner’s part.

Wanted: better lighting options.

And yes, I’ve been looking. Without much success.

Plus, even if I find the thing I want in that space – which so far I can’t – who’s gonna install it for me, way up there? And in a pandemic?



Update one: I got motion-sensor lights (thanks S!) to keep me from crashing down stairs in the dark.

It’s a temporary fix, but a fix nonetheless.


Update two: Dad came with ladder and flashlight (like I don’t have a flashlight) and only terrified me a little bit in this process. Mostly because at some point this project does require two hands on the light, and none on the ladder. And as we have established, that means leaning way over the edge, from the ladder.

At that point I was like, what if I do that, and you hold onto me so I know I can’t fall?

I dunno, maybe something about the way I got panicky just watching him made him think that wasn’t going to work out.

Anyway, (and thanks Dad!) let there be light!

For a while anyway.

I better keep looking for another lighting solution.