It was a dark and stormy night, goes the most clichéd story opening ever.

It is, in fact, stormy. Yet another summer thunderstorm, when the one just two days ago tried very hard to disassemble my back deck. This time, also with a flood watch in effect. Yeah, that’s a load of fun.

And it is dark. Not dark out – it’s more evening than night at this point – but it’s rather dark in.

I am powerless… or at least my home is.

My parents have power. They tell me to pack a bag while it’s light, just in case. I don’t, of course.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Looking on the bright side of this dark and stormy night evening:

1. I got my whole work day in before it went dark, so that’s one less source of stress.

2. I got my whole workout in, before it went dark, so I didn’t get cut off in the middle.

3. I found my lantern and got it fully charged, just two days ago, so when it really does get to be night (if the lights aren’t back on yet), I’ll have a light source.

4. I found one of my travel battery packs and it was fully charged as well, in case I need to keep my phone going for a while.

5. I can still make popcorn on the stove top because it’s gas. The starter is electric but in a pinch it can be lit with a match. (Carefully because that’s also a way to accidentally blow up the house; no thank you.)

6. If it gets to be a problem, I’m not far from family so even if I needed to pack a cooler of perishables to other locales, it could be managed.

7. Despite their initial doubt (really?) that my power is in fact out, the electric company says it will just be a couple of hours until they are able to restore it.

So we’ll see!

2 thoughts on “Powerless”

  1. Hope you got it back on. Our town just had another widespread outage today Monday (clear day). Yikes.


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