Fresh veggies in season

The asparagus is tender shoots at the moment, which makes it extra nice.

And Brussels sprouts – sliced and salted and oven-roasted. Yes, indeed.

Carrots feel more homey, more wintry. They find their way into chicken casseroles and shepherds pie and stews and soups and pot roast.

Cucumber… well, cucumber is best made into tzatziki. Otherwise, I’ll probably pass.

Onions and peppers are go-to around here. They end up in empanadas and sloppy joe and sausage sandwiches and stromboli and dirty rice.

Sweet potatoes want salt and cayenne to balance their flavor.

Zucchini is actually one of my favorites. Which is funny:

  • Green squash = zucchini = delightful.
  • Yellow squash = summer squash = appalling.

And mint ice cream… that’s a vegetable, right? It’s green and fresh, so it must count. Right? Right???