Three blind mice

My sleepless night gave way to a tired day – not unexpectedly.

Less expected was finding a dead mouse.

I have a service, we’d started dealing with this new issue (the fact that a quarter was skipped due to COVID probably didn’t help)… and we still don’t know where they’re coming in. Which is not good. You can’t block the flow if you don’t know the source.

Anyway, in the process of disposing of that one, I found another one.

And once I had both of those all cleaned up, I did a thorough check and found another.

Which in all honesty is both horrifying and vastly better than finding live mice running around.

But those three mean there are more. Experience at my last place says that mice are either single scouts, or six-packs, or much much more.

And if I got three in one night, how many more were running all around then, not getting dead?

Lord have mercy.

Much more my speed for ‘creatures’ in the house

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