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Up all night

I’m tired when I get in, but not sleepy. I sit in the coziest corner of the couch and open the book – the steady scratch of pencils – color slowly filling the pages – is relaxing… but it does not put me to sleep.

Pages later, I realize it’s no longer tonight. And also, that I’m not going to sleep tonight. Last night.

At 3am I’m dressed again. Workout clothes. WiiFit on, played over season one of Mad Men, because repetitive step aerobics or boxing or a run need something to make the time go.

The time goes. The steps for the day are all in the bag by 6am. The sun is making itself known.

I briefly consider making this another marathon walking day. I could.

Instead I let myself relax.

As I cool down, I feel chilled. I pull the soft fuzzy warmth of the couch cover blanket over me and…

I do sleep, for about an hour.

It’s full morning then. Some coffee helps wash the cobwebs away.

Season one presses on. So does the day.

It will be… occasionally eventful.

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