So this monstrosity came creeping out of the corner while I was doing my workout.

Um, no. No, no, no.

Generally speaking I’m inclined to let spiders be, within reason. They earn their keep so if they stick to the corners and the entrances, or generally stay out of sight, it’s all good.

However. Dangling over my bed, joining me in the shower, or growing large enough to be mistaken for Halloween decorations – these go beyond the pale.

If Miss Muffet had a vacuum cleaner beside her tuffet, she’d had done like me and chased it down and been a bit alarmed when it could withstand multiple runs before succumbing.

Well. Victory in the end!

(PS another similarly-sized but differently-colored spider came wandering out from the other direction a few nights later. Had I been actually working out at the time, it would have been creeping up on me.)

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