Beating the heat

My folks went out of town for a couple of days the other weekend.

(They promised me they would mostly do outdoor things and stay socially distanced from others and wear their masks in public and just generally stay as safe as possible. Not for nothing, but if they get sick I’m going to be so pissed off. At them for going, and at every stupid selfish a-hole they encountered who refused to wear a f***ing mask which is literally the least you can do, people.)


But I digress.

They had only just left when I called to ask if they wanted me to, at the same moment they were trying to text me about whether I’d go over and bring in the mail and the paper. Just 2 days away, one a holiday, not worth stopping everything; not when I’m so close by.

But don’t walk over, they remind me. It’s going to be way too hot.

The forecast the next day is for 96° F. Too hot indeed.

But in the morning, I find myself up too early. Earlier than for a workday, even. And that means I am able to be out and trekking before a workday would be starting; while the temps are still 20° lower than they will be a few hours later.

So I go over. Only a few others are out in masks. All of us try to give each other a wide berth along the way.

I get the mail, get the paper. Get a cold bottle of water from their fridge. Get a good long drink before I re-mask and hit the road again.

But I make it back as the temps are sailing into the 80’s. Not quite dangerous yet, but still rising.

I made it there and back, and I beat the heat.

It’s far more pleasant to be inside in the A/C, with a cool drink.

Mission accomplished.