Fitness and Other Temporary Obsessions

Downsizing and lightening up

By this time of year, the wardrobe is fully shifted. Out come the shorts, capris, tank tops, and away go the jeans. No more long pants.

Well, no long pants because COVID. If there wasn’t a pandemic, I’d still have long pants in my wardrobe if only for in-the-office days. But because COVID, my wardrobe is almost wholly yoga pants and workout tops, interspersed with jean shorts and a “real” shirt, on a rare occasion. Shoes haha, shoes are a rarity.

And when I made this transition from jeans to shorts, I had to hit the closet to see what size clothes I might have — because I’ve dropped at least two sizes since February. I think maybe three.

Plenty of shorts in suitable sizes were in the closet. Had to buy smaller yoga pants. Workout bras I was set for. Regular ones, not as much. A broader range of tops are back in circulation now that they fit.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to wear my ring again, if I keep at it.

Which is not to make “size” something magical or unduly important. But it is a testament to just how out of shape I had gotten in the last year or two.

Getting closer to a healthy size is encouraging.

It might look good.

It definitely feels good.