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Vacation from the kitchen

Every weekend since we all went into social distancing mode, I’ve whipped up a batch or two of something to get me through the week. Sometimes more than one something. Often too much something.

This weekend I’m not making anything fancy and new. I’ve made the new and fancy, out of the findings at the bottom of the freezer, for weeks.

Now I’m committing to cutting down some of the clutter of the freezer meals. The single batches of homemade pasta I threw in there. The myriad Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice meals that have stocked up over time. The empanadas I made and froze.

And after a week of this, maybe it will feel like I’ve had a vacation, since I won’t have had to cook.

(Hahahahaha. Like that is a vacation, by any stretch of the imagination)

Or maybe I’ll feel like a culinary adventure is the thing.

I guess we’ll see. Wish me luck.

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