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Where I should be

The fact that I am here (and God willing I am still here when this posts) means that I am, in a sense, where I am meant to be.

And then, where I need to be, in the days of COVID. Not in the office. Not in stores or gatherings. Not having dinner parties or houseguests in the house. Which I would love to do but I will not risk the people I love or our medical teams needlessly.

I am decidedly not cruising Scandinavia, which is where I thought I would be now.

Temps as of July 3 2020 11pm in all our planned ports of call.


And that means I am also not celebrating a friend’s birthday with her on the high seas.

We are not having adventures and snapping pictures by day and enjoying quiet evenings reading books in our cozy cave of an inside cabin by night.

We are not meeting new people at evening dinners, or coordinating morning agendas to ensure we don’t miss a minute of the fun at each port.

We are not sipping fancy hot chocolates or nibbling fresh fruit or hitting a buffet or having waitstaff sing to her as we celebrate her birthday.

But it is her birthday. So here are birthday flowers for S – from my trip to Asia.

And maybe – God willing – someday soon we’ll be able to travel again.

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