July 6: cut the crap already

Dear neighbor,

I am not sure what prompted you to set off a full set of fireworks at 10:45am on a Monday. Maybe you just thought this would be less disruptive than the middle of the night? (Good thought, that. I’m with you there. )

One might wonder why you are doing this at all, though.

Maybe you discovered them this morning and realized you’d missed the fourth?

Maybe you so enjoyed them on the 4th that you decided to run out and get more?

Whatever possessed you to do this today, the following people are not enjoying it — and while they understand this is part of what happens and may actively enjoy it, or at least brace themselves for it, on the 4th of July — they now wish you would knock it the F off already:

  • People working at home (waves: hi!!)
  • People sleeping at home (due to shift work, insomnia, or just the constant fireworks disruptions every night)
  • People trying to get their small children to nap (especially when the fireworks just keep happening night after night)
  • People who have pets that are frightened / run away
  • People who have large animals (horses, etc) who can potentially become a danger to themselves or others when startled this way
  • People with PTSD
  • People who are concerned that you’re going to start a fire or cause an injury (waves: hi!!)