experiments in cooking

Brownie assembly

Yesterday when I said I’d made the brownies for dessert at the cookout, I left out the oops that went into it.

So, Sis and I had coordinated what might work for the cookout. Mom and Dad had the “real” food worked out. I had considered making my berry dump cake for dessert, but Sis was bringing a fruit salad so something else seemed suitable.

She said she could bring brownies, but I said I would. Because I have brownie mix and eggs – and even some walnuts and fudge to add to it. All good things.

The day before, I considered making them ahead of time, but then I decided to hold off. Living alone with the brownies didn’t seem like a smart plan.

So come the morning of, a few minutes before church would start (as long as I was going to sign in late anyway), I started gathering up the stuff. Bowl. Spoon. Oil. Nuts. Brownie mi- wait, where’s the brownie mix? Why do I have three boxes of cake mix and no brownie mix?


So after church, I had to mask up and head to a grocery store.

Me. In an actual store. A grocery store, no less.


But the results were all worth it, in the end. Or so they tell me. ūüėČ