Evening stroll

I was too sleepless the prior night to drag myself up early to work out.

Actually I’d been too sleepless to get up before it was time to start the coffee and the workday.

But it was a busy one. A chained-to-my-desk day. So come the end, I still needed my steps.

Fortunately it was a beautiful day, still. A rare perfect evening. Long summer hours of daylight, pleasantly warm, but not too hot or humid.

I walked.

I walked down and up, in my mask, to see Mom and Dad. Then after a short visit, still in daylight, I walked down and up, still in my mask, back home again.

It’s just a little over a mile each way. Not a lot of distance; plenty of hills for cardio.

Tomorrow I will probably be sore.

Tonight I hope I will sleep.

My back yard


Sidebar that at 10:20pm, there seems to be a lot of noise outside. It goes on long enough that I peek to see what’s going on.

There’s three guys talking loudly while they drink and smoke in the yard 2 doors over. The one that is/was on sale. The one I hoped might be bought by a nice person or couple or family… Ideally owners, not renters; or at least long-term, care-about-things renters.

Gosh, they are loud.

I hope these are not the new people.

Or at least, I hope they aren’t always quite so noisy after 10pm on a weeknight.

My goodness, I’m old.

And also… tired.

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