That Feeling When…

In no particular order and not all from any one day…

TFW your UPS app says your package is coming by 3:45pm and lets you track your package and at 3:40 it’s two streets away and at 3:46 they change the status to “End of Day” and the truck has driven right past your street and is now 2 streets away on the other side and moving away… Wait! Waaaaait! I’m back this way….


TFW the client absolutely must have something immediately and can they call a meeting before hours with no notice?

And can we turn around the hours of takeaways within 10 minutes after we all hang up?


TFW he’s married.

Well, of course he is. No surprise there.

His wife is smart, accomplished, and beautiful…

Well, of course she is. No surprise there.


TFW the client wants you to give 7 new users a total of 15 minutes of training… but wants you to cover topics that would easily take an hour-long hands-on session. Minimum.


TFW the birthday present you sent a friend gets misdirected to some other address and is never heard from again… but the product is now out of stock… and the tracking on the replacement item seems to be floopy… sigh.

And the shipper is like, huh we can’t track this one so maybe you want to call the carrier directly. C’mon, really?


TFW you haven’t gotten more than a thousand steps all day long, and that’s not doing you any favors at all.


TFW you’re getting client requests all weekend so that you’re already sick of the workweek by 6pm on Sunday night.


TFW the headache kicks in just late enough that the caffeine in the medicine will guarantee a restless night (increasing the probability of a headache tomorrow as well).

Rinse and repeat.


TFW you get your whole workout before you realize your tracker isn’t tracking. And now you’ll have to do it again to keep your streak alive.

Not that extra steps will do me any harm… but still.