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Flavor mix

After a week of Greek food I was craving something different.

Do not misunderstand. Greek food is delicious. But I ate it all week, and remembered at the end of it that after my week in Greece, I was also positively dying for a completely different flavor palate. Mexican food, in particular was my itch at that time.

So I broke my delightful Greek culinary run with a little Tex-Mex nacho fiesta (with Cuban-inspired guava treats for dessert).

And then I decided to try my hand at chicken empanadas, to continue with the Latin theme.

In the end I liked the look of this recipe, for Argentinian empanadas, if for no other reason than it doesn’t include chopped eggs.

Yes yes we know. Please don’t tell us again about you and eggs. For the love of God don’t tell us, this one time.

Ok, ok. You get it, I get it, enough said.

Observations :

Messy to make. Wetter than I expected. Tasty, yes very much so, but a bit bland. Argentinian cuisine is not known for being spicy, at all.

Which is fine. Neither is Cuban food and Lord knows I love that too.

But I wanted a little something, so I enjoyed a few using the original recipe and then zinged up the rest.

Sriracha as a dip was too much, so I chopped up and mixed in some jalapeños and chipotles.

Woot! Just enough heat.

And the best part is they freeze up easy so… that’s where this batch is headed.

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