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Is 2020 less a dumpster fire than a magnifying glass?

I have moments when I wonder if the end is nigh.

2020 has felt like a dumpster fire.

A giant game of Calamity Bingo.

Australia was on fire at the start of the year – a mix of lightning and arson and (mostly) climate issues come together in a literal conflagration.

The House impeached and then the US Senate chose to look at ample evidence of corruption and collusion, and said in essence that none of that matters because party comes before country, honor or ethics.

(Not pretending to myself that the other party would have necessarily been any more honorable, given the reverse scenario. I don’t trade in parties. Just stating the facts.)

A pandemic broke out – may in fact have been known and ignored even longer than the average person knew – and Nero fiddled while Rome burned. But in classic fashion, he spent his time focused more on who to blame than how to put out the flames.

UFO footage was released. And ignored because 2020 was full up.

Murder hornets were discovered. Announced and faded away, again because disaster overload.

Dams broke.

Mudslides destroyed.

Yellowstone’s supervolcano continued to shake, rumble and rise.

Police brutality in the US was captured for the umpteenth time on video, and an entire community and its supporters of all races and creeds joined in saying, enough is enough already far too much. And in response some police forces rallied beside their community members in agreement, and others [listen: podcast on possible factors] doubled down…

…and rather than try to unite anyone, the Impeached One called out troops and gassed both protesters and clergy who were on the street, so he could pose with a Bible he held as if he’d never touched one before in front of a church he looked like he’d never visited before, and failed to take the opportunity to pray for anyone.

At this rate, should anyone be surprised if the world ends?

But if it doesn’t just yet, can we learn from any of this?

Is 2020 not so much on fire as shining a light on the world?

On how reliant we all are… on God, on grace, on this lovely world we were gifted, and on one another.

On how broken humanity is.

On how interconnected we all are.

On how uneven and imbalanced we have allowed almost every aspect of life to become.

On how helpless we are when natural processes and phenomena are brought to bear against us.

On how letting the lowest common denominator lead us, only leads a nation to be low and common.

On areas where we need to do better. And by grace, we can.

2020 is not yet half over. I dread to think what else may come. How much more needs to be thrown at us before we see? How much more, before we change?