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So, the washer died. Again. Last time my wonderful BIL fixed it for me. His fix was still in place of course, but now something else was wrong. (Sigh)

I’m sure he’d look at it for me if I asked, but since we already fixed the accessible issue, everything I googled looked like some major disassembly would be required. So this time I just called the home warranty company. I pay for it anyway; let it work for me.

Good theory but pandemic so…

We’ll see. (Update on that later in this post.)


Then a few days later, the toilet started flushing weird. I don’t know how else to describe it. Weird. Just a bit off.

I opened it up and tinkered it and it seemed ok.

Then it acted up again, and this time when I opened things up again and checked it out, the metal arm snapped in half at the slightest touch…

Well, that’s not good!

Naturally everything wants to break when we’re in a pandemic. Because that’s the most inconvenient timing for it.

I ordered the new part from Home Depot. This should be a fix I can manage. (Again, we’ll see. If not, I know someone will come help.)

But in the meantime I’m super thankful for my selection of gear ties because one of these…

3” gear tie next to plastic water bottle for perspective.

…is currently holding the chain to what was left of the arm. So as to make flushing possible without disassembling each time.

Working like a charm, too.


[PS the curbside pickup at HD is a mess. Allowances are made for this being a challenging time and a new(ish) process for everyone – though they were essential and thus have had longer in theory to work the kinks out … but no one is having a good time of it and we’re all just doing the best we can. Still, don’t go expecting speedy efficiency.]


So the washing machine repairman came before my replacement part so I’ll finish that part of the story.

He replaced the whole switch that my BIL had rigged for me but had finally died outright, and the stripped doodads inside the agitator too. Washer running. Better than ever!


Plumbing leak and likely clog discovered – Boooo!

More home warranty work coming up, I suppose.


Home warranty includes plumbing. So I got that appointment set up. Their scheduling is a little like the cable company: we’ll be there sometime between 7am Thursday and the end of time. Haha. Thursday 7-4 actually. Not so bad.

One issue wouldn’t be covered but it’s a 3 second fix and he resolved it, no charge.

The blockage, he snaked out (some kind of rag that washed into the drain at some point possibly prior to my living here).

And then because the dryer vent had cracked open (or open further) when he moved it to reach the pipes, he taped that back up for me again. Also not covered (but new (ish) during his visit, so he made it right).

All nice as can be.

So now I have the basement issues resolved, and the part to fix the toilet.

So… malfunctions moving in the right direction, all over the place…

Except then while I was out front I went to brush off the dust accumulating at the external dryer vent, and it basically crumbled.


But I bet I know someone who could help with it…

Did I mention my BIL is wonderful? He Totally is. 🙂 And he totally solved that for me. Best BIL ever.

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  1. OMG you are brave. What a calamity during this pandemic to have your appliances break down, but to have the presence of mind to find ways to fix them or have them fixed. I myself had a broken toilet similar to yours and tried to gerry rig a fix but it didn’t last long, so we had to call a serviceman. The first person to enter our house during this pandemic — this was back in May after trying to get by for a few weeks without having to call. Since then, we have had to have servicemen come to work on the air conditioning and TV.

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