Early June morning

It’s too early. My earliest alarm – the optimistic, maybe-I’ll-get-a-long-workout / at-least-I’ll-be-awake-to-hear-the-next-alarm alarm – won’t go off for another half hour.

But a sound has penetrated my sleep.

It’s my work phone, whooshing an email from Europe. A colleague asking when they can expect access to results from the project that has been swallowing weeks whole.

We said today. It will be today. Even by their time zone, it will be today.

But it will not be before I rise.



It’s chilly this morning. I snuggle back under covers, reading my Bible chapters and doing my Duolingo. I could get up and work out. I want to. But…

The ceiling fan circling overhead isn’t necessary right now. It’s so cold in here. I don’t want to get up.

But it occurs to me…

It will only be a few weeks until even with the ceiling fan, maybe even with AC, the heat and humidity will be winning.

A soft warm blanket will not be wanted or enjoyed then.

So I stop to savor this moment when a snuggly warm blanket is joyful. Delightful.

Good morning!

May your day hold moments of delight!

Happy birthday Miss Lynn!

Happy anniversary, darlings!

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