creation bears His fingerprints

Worth a read?

Performing Whiteness

Fighting myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings about race, slavery and the Civil War

Worth a watch?

Race in America – Holy Post

What I’m learning from my white grandchildren

Worth a listen?

Historical view: American police

But it’s really not only a race issue: Police unions and police violence

“Defunding” vs “reimagining” police: Policing in crisis

(Not to be jaded about how things work and what commands action, but would rethinking how or when we ‘police’ different scenarios be less politicized / be supported by more people, if all the white people that are also wrongly killed, also made the news? I dunno. Add it to the host of things I don’t know.)

Peaceful protesters in the time of COVID go out wearing masks and trying to socially distance. Tear gas undoes all of that (and more). How tear gas affects the body

On the topic of COVID, jobs, etc…

What jobs are coming back and when?

I’m trying to listen, watch, read a broader scope. My Kindle runneth over, my Podcast feed is more varied.

Any recommendations?

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