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Recapturing a moment

When S and I were sailing the Mediterranean this winter … can it really have been just months ago? … most mornings we ordered in yogurt and muesli for breakfast. I’d get plain yogurt and she’d order fruit.

She’d order fruit yogurt. About half the time she’d get coffee yogurt.

Yes, what we call a coffee bean is really the roasted stone of a fruit. I’ve seen it growing, I’ve tasted it. Sure. But when I say, we got coffee yogurt, I don’t mean the fruit from which we get coffee beans any more than you would. It was coffee flavored yogurt.

S doesn’t drink coffee. Doesn’t eat coffee ice cream. No coffee. No thank you.

I do though. So we would trade on those days.

And the other day, I ordered tiramisu yogurt. They call it tiramisu but it just tastes like coffee.

Which I like.

And I mixed in my homemade granola, and I could almost feel the wave of the ocean under my feet again.

And it was great.

I hope you have some moments today that help you remember, recapture, relive joy too!

IRL it’s Father’s Day here in the US. Love you tons, Dad. ❤️

And a happy day to all you Dads out there!

Also IRL but far less meaningful: my three year Duolingo streak milestone was hit this morning.

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  1. Ooh, coffee ice cream. Yum. Has always been my favorite. It’s been too long without. Time to head over to my online shopping cart!


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