A Saturday morning. The text says Peapod is on its way. We’re contactless for the moment so I pop out to leave the tip envelope at the mat outside.

The knock at the door tells me the driver is there. I knock on the window and wave, as he’s walking away.

He turns back to talk to me. He’s wearing a mask, as one should. I open the window to hear.

He explains that there is something in his truck that has spilled and smells bad. He says it seems like someone spilled vinegar or something in one of the bins. It turns out it was my bin, he says, so the bags were sitting in that; you won’t want to bring them into your house; you’ll want to unpack them outside.

I thank him for the warning.

When he walks away, I step outside to get started and it’s immediately apparent what he referred to. Continue reading “Egad”