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It’s official. The last of the travel plans related to our cruise this summer are cancelled.

We’re still waiting on refunds from Princess for cruise and excursions (but we know they are in process, and that it’s pretty far backed up).

The refund finally came through for S’ flight, which was cancelled.

I got a voucher for mine, which wasn’t… that’s good for another roughly 21 months; with any luck we’ll make use of that with no issue.

By the time this posts, I would probably be at least halfway to packed for the trip – if the trip was happening this year.

We’re disappointed of course, but in the grand scheme, it will work out. So long as all the remaining refunds turn up eventually as expected … it will get sorted.

And it’s good to dream of places to go, even if we can’t for a while.

God willing, one day we will.

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  1. It’s good that they give you such a long expiry on the flight voucher! I had a train that was cancelled and they just gave vouchers that I’m not 100% we’ll be able to use before it’s safer to travel. It’s all been such a pain, but hopefully when we can get back travelling we’ll appreciate it even more 🙂


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